Audit Management System

- Schedule, Conduct and Evaluate audits efficiently -

An automated audit management system that enables you to evaluate audit results and calculating compliance percentage / score or each site at a central location.

Audit Management

  • Generate audit data through excel upload.
  • Define audit frequency (Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly)
  • After completing an audit, system will automatically set the date for next audit based on the defined audit frequency.
  • Feature to schedule audits on Ad-hoc basis.
  • Assign the audits to specific site or to all sites.
  • Assign checklist to each audit.
  • Configure checkpoints under each checklist.
  • Configure rating / score for each checkpoint.

Audit Execution

  • As per the configured frequency, each site supervisor will see the upcoming audits in To-Do list.
  • Responsible person can start the audit on set date.
  • When user starts the audit, checklist configured for selected audit will be displayed.
  • User can record answers (YES / NO OR 1 / 0) from provided dropdown list. User can also enter remarks against each checkpoint.
  • User can upload supporting documents / images for each checkpoint.
  • Management will get notified upon completing the audit.
  • NOK checkpoints will still be displayed as OPEN ITEMS against site supervisor. User can close the open item as and when it is completed.
  • Management will be able to see all the open items for all sites until they are completed.
  • Reminder will be sent to audit responsible person and management based on ageing of open items.

Audit Evaluation

  • Upon submitting the audit, a PDF report will be generated based on the OK / NOK AND scores entered against each checkpoint.
  • Minimum benchmark score for each audit can be configured. If particular audit scores less than benchmark score, notification will be sent to the management.
  • Management can see scores for all the completed audits at a glance.
  • Management will have feature to see audit reports for all the current and historical audits.

Reporting Module

Site-wise audit status

Overdue/ missed audit report

Checkpoint-wise audit report

Identifying repetitive checkpoint failures

Site-wise NOK / Open checkpoints.

Site-wise status report

Site-wise audit score

Site-wise incident reporting

Desired vs. Actual incident counts

Excel / PDF based report download

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